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How big is your web presence?

Your web site is about your organization. It’s about getting leads, making sales, building relationships and communicating with your customers, clients, members or employees. It’s about simplifying and streamlining things you do for you and your clients. It’s about making money and saving money.

Your web site isn't just a web site any more. It is a content management system, a blog, a gateway to Facebook. It's an intranet, an online store, a newspaper, an e-mail system, the key communication tool with your members. It's a smartphone app. It has to work on all sizes of desktops and handheld devices. It also has to be forward-thinking.

We can help.

Pectopah is a software development company specializing in web and mobile applications. We believe that software applications are like people: they need a purpose. So we plan and build them to do something. We work with our clients to bring clarity to their vision and functionality to their projects.

Pectopah offers a wide range of services from the initial brainstorming meeting to build, launch and on-going support and services. We are happy to provide strategy and direction to our clients and/or work their existing marketing departments or third-party companies.

  • Are you an organization with a lot of communicate to its members and the public?
  • Are you a midsize company with a marketing department but no IT department?
  • Are you a small business who needs a strong web presence to grow your business?
  • Are you a traditional news organization looking to beef up your web offerings?
  • Has your tracking and reporting gotten bigger than a spreadsheet can handle?

Pectopah can help. You know your organization and we know the internet. Contact us today!

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